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Pulled the trigger, bought a set of H&R's

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New springs on, def fixes that ugly wheel gap. Really didnt change ride quality, maybe a touch stiffer. Everyone from my local car group really likes the new lowered look. Did a test launch in Mexico, very little tire spin now and doesn't pull the front up near as bad. Only track time will tell.

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No more fisting for you or your SHO.


Really happy to see this Edition on your ride. The immediate results you report are similar to what I experienced when I was rocking that same setup.


Now imagine how much more of an improvement over the H&R's if/when you decide to sport the Megan's.


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Great news to hear Brian! I am super elated for you, and even happier knowing that you have undertaken yet another one of my suggestions to get your SHO beast down that 1/4 mile even faster!


Congrats my good friend! Once again you are repping the SHO platform very, VERY WELL.


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