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Well, I for one am VERY thankful that this forums community has been developed and supports all variants employing the EB/SHO motor produced by FMC.


It is quite refereshing knowing that this particular community has sprouted forth from the mere desire we current EB/SHO owners have had, to have a venue, specficially for us, for which to discuss the various experiences we've had with our vehicles.


Whether those experiences range from good, to bad, or somewhere inbetween, I am glad to be here.


I would say that in the one week this forum has been up and running, it appears that some familiar faces, both vendors and individual owners, all of whom have been contributing members of other forums communities, have joined up here.


I would like to take a moment to encourage each of you to re-visit whatever "older" forums sites you may be members of, and encourage other 2010+ EB/SHO owners to join up here as well.


Out of respect for any and all of the "other" sites, no matter one's opinions of same , I would also suggest restricting your suggestions of moving here, to a PM format only.


I think that the with the overall transition of the EB/SHO power plant into other makes and models offered up by FORD, that the potential for our ecoboostownerforums community to explode is immeasurable to say the least!


So although we're off to a great start, again, please encourage any and all of your fellow EB/SHO owners from other venues, to initiate the plunge and move on over here!


It would also be helpful for any of you, or any of those potential new members electing to move here as well, to bring with them, any helpful posts, information, etc pertaining to our vehicles and transfer them here!


I for one will be transferring some of my infamous "how-to" threads here (in due time given the approaching holidays).


The more threads and posts that are created here will obviously encourage even more member sign ups, and more supporting vendors.


Thanks in advance from every person who contributes to this forums cause :RpS_thumbsup:

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I for one completely agree with you Mike. I have already deleted the old site from my bookmarks and will not be going back there for any reason. Also sent an e-mail to Showgun so Colin should be showing up here shortly.


.......and here I am.

Glad to be here guys.:party:

Good suggestions Mike.


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Unknown_Driver......... glad to see that you made it on over!


I agree with Rick, being late is certainly much better than never!


Like a few of us have already posted in other threads, it is great to finally have a forums site such as this one, that is ENTIRELY dedicated to EcoBoost / SHO platform, no matter which product that rolls off of FMC's production line.


Again, as a polite reminder to all of you, I would ask that each of you take a few moments to pass the word along about this brand new, just launched forums site, and suggest that any and ALL of your fellow 2010+ EB/SHO enthusiasts make the transfer over here from elsewhere.


I for one am pretty damn excited at the potential of this community and I already feel "at home" as most of you who have signed up. I have known for sometime.


Thanks again for any help each of you are able to provide in obtaining new member sign ups! :thumb:



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