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Been reading quite a bit on here. Been parting out my Fiat build for the past 2 weeks. Finally found a low mileage SHO in a Carmax lot in Indiana. So I just paid to have it brought down here. Not sure how long that will take. But I'm excited. The Fiat part out has funded my mod list. Going to start with..
Livernois tuner

Not bothering with intake or exhaust (for right now at least). Because I want to keep it as stock looking as possible. Going to find a set of interceptor wheels and a push bar for the front. Debating wether to go H&R springs or air bags. Here's the car.


There's 2 dings on the passengers side of the car and both passenger wheels are curbed. But Carmax has to take care of that. And those appear to be the only issues. I asked the guy at Carmax in Indi to look for a trans cooler in the front lower grill. He says it's got one. And he says it's got the alcantara steering wheel. So I might have lucked out and found a PP SHO.

A 2014 PP SHO with 23k miles for under $25k!? I'll take it!

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Great find for sure! Especially at the price point Carmax provided. Door dings can be handled rather well actually, by an expereinced PDR professional. Wheels can be replaced. So minor things in the overall scheme of things. 


Good start on the mod list, exhaust, particularly a set of downpipes, will further enhance those mods you've listed. BTW, it's Livernois. no "e" on the end. I always laugh when I see that....noise. Ha.


Be sure to stay on top of the routine maintenance, paying close attention to the fluids..... Oil, Trans, PTU, RDU, and since you bought it used, be sure to swap out the coolant as well. Doing all of the aformentioned will save you lots of headaches down the road.


Welcome aboard, and enjoy your time here!


I have relatives in the Kokomo and Peru area(s)...... so Indy isn't all that far from there. Nor is Indy far from Chicagoland area, so perhaps our paths will cross!

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