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Finally made it over


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Welcome aboard there Eli :welcome:


A lot of us are from that "other" not so friendly community.


You'll find a wealth of info here on your late model SHO, along with great members, as well as outstanding vendors.


Do enjoy your stay, be active, consider becoming a premium member (a whole whopping $10 p/ year) and share your experiences with others.


We like referrals here, as well as pics! So do share :thumb:


Mike :wave:


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My referral shall be Crash712us via the gauge pod ordeal. Since then I have gotten several nudges towards this forum.


Pictures...eh, just imagine the Tuxedo Black with brown interior and Navigation (and baby bottle stains). The weather here won't allow me to keep it clean long enough for pictures between the surrounding fire's ash, love bugs, premature pollen season and gnats stick when I do get around to washing it. My wife drives it, therefore it stays even more dirty :P


I could use some input on upgrades. I have kept somewhat up-to-date on the product availability. For now I just would like to utilize my gauge pod with full sweep gauge in the "cyan" color, preferrably. I am leaning towards vac/boost, wideband and probably Aeroforce Interceptor Scan or Ford Racing D-PIC. I would like to slowly lean towards a nice tune and request more information about things like map sensors and meth injection (I have a Snow stage 3 in hand).

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Hey' date=' I am just south of Jacksonville. If you ever want a free calibration test trial let me know and I will get you hooked up. Or if you have any questions about tuning email or pm me [email']torrie@unleashedtuning.com[/email]


Thanks, I would at least like to get a look at that Ford GT

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