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While I'm waiting for my 2013 to show up, I'm enjoying all the info here...You guys are great! I've been looking at a bunch of mods and I'm curious if anyone has done an electric exhaust cutout? Is there even enough room to run one? My buddy has one on his raptor and I love how he can keep the stock exhaust when he wants it quiet and a quick flip of the switch and it sounds like a beast! Would running basically no back pressure post turbos be a bad thing for some reason?

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I ran DMH cutouts on my multiple award winning '07 5.7L Dodge Charger R/T & your are correct.....


Flip of switch and wallah! It sounded so loud like you were almost down in pit row. It was insane how loud they were. Loved 'em.


The SHO being my very 1st turbo'd car, I thought I heard some grumblings that running these would be more harmful due to the lack of back pressure, but personally, I'm not entirely sure.


Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this topic will chime in and provide you an explanation as to why, or why not to rock this mod.


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Depends on where you put em. If they're downstream of at least two of the cats there should be enough back pressure when open to be good to go. Unless you mounted them right after the turbo's with our little bitty turbos would it be negative for performance. On a lot of the drag radial cars I watch locally at the strip they have like a 4" pipe about 8" long dumping right after the turbo. Needless to say with the size of turbos they run they're not having a backpressure issue. LOL

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Generally speaking less back pressure with a turbo is better. Most turbos I've worked on were either big turbos or on diesels. Less back pressure allows them to spool up faster. With an all stock motor I don't think you'd see much gain. Sound awesome...just run tubes out from under the car. Super hot exhaust gasses vent when the waste gate opens. Drag cars shoot flames...lol. Great way to roast marshmallows lol

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