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New Michelin Pilot Super Sports w/ TSW Interlagos on my BRICK

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I got my new 235-50-18 Michelins from TireRack today... They are currently being installed on my 18" TSW Interlagos 9" wide wheels that only weigh 18 lbs! Together they will weigh about 43 lbs a wheel, or 80 lbs less than the stock 20" Flex wheels and Goodyear RS-A's.


Won't get them bolted on the Brick till tomorrow or Fri.


But here is a TEASER pix with the Nitto DR on the same wheel and the current ASA aftermarket wheels with Conti DW's... DW's are almost worn out, but got a $70 rebate on Michelins so went ahead early to get FREE freight Freight = $70. rebate!)











Will post the "AFTER" pix as soon as I get the wheels installed!

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Here are Pix after install. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports 235-50-18 on 18" x 9" TSW Interlagos. Tires are Michelin's latest Max Performance tire. Drove around 200 mi on them today. Ride equal or better than Conti DW's. Not noisy... And... They have terrific steering response!!!! Almost twitchy they are so responsive! They are as good or better than TireRack's survey info. Very pleased. Highest Road Force was 9, and that was on a tire with 2 oz, that was indexed one time. The other tires have less than an ounce, and some have RF as low as 2. They balance up like Bridgestone 050A's, but are MUCH LIGHTER. Wheels and tires weigh a total of 44lbs ea. That is a savings of almost 80 lbs from stock for all 4! This is another 20 lbs savings from the Continental Extreme DW's and ASA wheels when they were new. Lighter rotating mass, not only helps handling, it really improves stopping distances. Also benefits fuel economy.












Pix taken in our daughter's drive... Cedar Falls, IA



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Personally, I was a bigger fan of the OTHER TSW's you were rocking..... but these are sharp too :thumb:


Looking back on all the posts I've read of yours Bob, it sure seems you know an awful lot about tires and what not.


I may have to have ADMIN deem you the EB Forums resident tire expert my friend :yo:

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There are 2 TSW current wheel designs that are ROTOFORGED... These, which Darrell and I have, and the Nurbergring's that Scrming has. They come in a few different variations of color/polish etc, so the look can be considerably different with the same design. Mine are 18" where Darrel's are 20"s, as are Scrmings. Whatever the size, they are the lightest reasonably priced wheels on the market.


Mike, wasn't this the wheel you are looking at, in the "black" config? I like Scrmings wheel design equally well, but didn't want a mesh style look, as I have too many sets like that already!

I was "sort of" the resident guru on Tires and Wheels on the 2 G8 boards, when I was posting there regularly, but certainly don't know everything. Do try to find the correct answer if possible, like offset issues etc. It is always best to error on the side of caution... and check twice and buy once! Bought these wheels last fall when I got the Nitto DR's for 2 of them.



For reference, here is a pix of my ASA (AR2-V2) wheels with the Conti DW's. They weigh 23 lbs vs the 18 lb TSW Both have machine polished faces.

The 255-45-18" Conti DW's and the Michelin 235-50-18" Pilot Super Sports both weigh 26 lbs (per TireRack), and are almost the same height and width. Conti's cost $195. ea + freight. Michelin's cost $248. ea + frt less a $70. rebate. Freight was $64. Paid $157. for mounting, including Road Force bal, & installation of TPMS bands & Sensors that I provided.



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I ran these same tires on my 2011 WRX hatch after one of my stock Dunlops picked up a half inch bolt that went into the sidewall. For a summer tire, you'll be hard pressed to find a better tire. The grip available out of these is astounding, especially when you consider that they have a 300 treadwear rating. Great looking setup!

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