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Another newbie/transplant...


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Well I found my way over here...

Took a little time; I don't spend too much time on the forums, so I was slow on the uptake.


Glad to find a group who is like-minded.


I am reeeaaalllllllyyyyy close to pulling the trigger on a set of those TCE front brakes for my SHO. Why not? I figure why put money into a stock brake job?


I saw Todd posted a deal (free shipping) for us if we mention the thread on here...maybe I'll take him up on that.



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1st......... in an official capacity..... welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to see that you finally made it on over here to our wonderful, new, EB Forums community.


TCE is also one of our official forums sponsoring vendors here and you won't regret having upgraded your brakes with his company's offerings.


So shoot him a PM, or check out any of the threads he's created, or posted within, for more info. He's a great dude!


Once again, welcome aboard and we look forward to your involvement here on EBF :thumb:


Mike :yo:

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