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New best, thanks to methanol!


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All right guys! So I went to the track this afternoon. I am used to go at night when it is much cooler in order to have better times. Well, since the summer is arriving in Quebec, I was surely unable to wait 3-4 months for temperatures to cool down before seeing the results of methanol with fact numbers from the track...

So, my best was achieved last November when it was in the low 40'sF and with a tail wind of 10mph... I repeated about the same time earlier this season in April. So my best ET was 12.61 and 12.63 and trap speed of about 111mph.

Today, the temperature was 75 F, the wind was about 10 mph but hitting on the left side of the car instead of behind and humidity was around 40-50%...

My tune is not yet optimal and I planned to go visit LMS at the end of June for dynotuning, but I need to say that Dan did a pretty good job with the videos I sent him and 2 phone conversations in order to adjust my tune...

Results :

New best of 12.43 sec at 111.75 mph!

I am very pleased with those numbers given the conditions. In similar conditions of my previous bests, I believe I would have been 12.1-12.2 at over 115mph...

Everybody at the track that I talked to were experiencing slower ET's and trap speed of about .2-.3 and 2-3 mph compared to their best times.

I had a great time and can't wait for a cooler day to arrive...

Cheers all!



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Definitely is running GRRR8! (had to get that in!) Cooling the MCT with Methanol really helps the times. Ideally... you should cut a 1/2 second off or more, if you had that -200 DA.


I am looking forward to a soon to happen trip to the strip with my G8, now that I have the 3,000 stall converter. Since my Brick ain't as quick as you guys... I will be attempting to match your times with my 09' G8 GT... THAT DOESN"T SPRAY METHANOL OR NITROUS... Just a simple N.A. GT with a cam, headers, Hoosiers, Torrie SCT tune and converter. No AWD but does have a slight weight advantage, (400 lbs) in spite of being larger....

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Went back to the track yesterday night just for fun... Didn't beat my best time, but I had a 12.51 at 113.5 mph. There was no wind at all and temperatures were not too high at 65-70, but it had been raining like never the previous day so the guy at the track told me that the track was still evaporating the water from the excessive rain. So, it was pretty humid and it was killing the times of everyone... I hadn't thought of that factor, I thought I would have had a chance to hit a 12.3... I still had a very good time, I love going there! Nevertheless, the SHO did me proud being the fastest of the night among the cars. There was a tuned Camaro SS with cams and headers that couldn't do better than 12.6 at 115mph... Traction was also an issue because they don't put glue on week nights... Even the SHO was spinning a lot through first gear. My tires are tired a bit. I have a pair of new Hankook waiting to be installed but I will wait for my ca to be dyno tuned by LMS next month before putting those new ones. I couldn't do better then 1.89-1.95 60 ft. last night... Hard to get best times if 60ft. aren't there... I still feel that the car could flirt with 12.0-11.9 by the end of the season... but not this summer. ; ) Have a good day all!

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