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"How-To" Reset Your TPMS Sensors...

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I searched up and obtained this info from Tire Rack's website....


Not sure if it would be of any benefit (in addition to what fellow EBOF member dulldog has already posted) :noidea:




For those with the 'Band' style TPMS Sensors------> [ATTACH]655[/ATTACH]


For those with the 'Valve' style TPMS Sensors------> [ATTACH]656[/ATTACH]

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Tried the tirerack method, but doesn't seem to work... for me, holding down the ignition button for 2 seconds does -not- put the car into Run mode, it leaves it in accessory. I can only get the car into run by hitting the start button twice, then turning it off again with the button. In any case, even doing that, it still doesn't work.. can't get the car to beep to let me know it's in TPMS learning mode.

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When I was forced to purchase new TPMS sensors for my after market TSW wheels, my Manager pal who works @ NTB was not able to retrain the new sensors as the tool they had was not compatible with Ford.


So off to the Dealership I went.


The tech performing the resets was a newer kid, who also had difficulty getting the car into true "on" mode.


Once I showed him how to do that part of it, I remained in the Service area (near the car while chit chat'n w/ another employee) and the tech followed the same procedure(s) as outlined in my OP on this topic.


Worked like a charm.


Not sure what you may, or may not be doing correctly (or incorrectly) however I know from 1st hand knowledge after having to go through this myself, it worked.


Hopefully someone else can chime in and help you out, but most of the suggestions provided thus far, should be getting you there.


But these instructions were for the '10 thru '12 models.


I can't imagine they'd be terribly different for the '13's (or beyond). :noidea:


But then again, FMC did switch over mid 2010 from the "banded" style (like I have) to the much easier "valve" style sensors.


So there may be some differences i'm not aware of.


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Holding down the start button for 2 seconds (or 5 seconds) does nothing but puts the car into accessory. So, something must have changed. I agree, I've seen the instructions in too many places to say this isn't the proper method, but I think the issue is just finding the push button sequence for putting the car into Run without starting the engine -- as I said, holding it down for 2 seconds doesn't do it. I tried double tapping it, this seems to work... then tapping to shut off...... but this does not result in the needed "beep" to denote it's ready to learn the TPMS sensors. So, I thought it was not the proper way (and maybe it isnt). I'll take it over to the dealer on Monday or something and see if I can get the answer from them... could be something stupid.

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From the owner's manual, it would appear the 2013 Taurus does not have the typical "accessory" mode of the older models. Pasted below are a couple of excerpts from the Owner's manual for the 2011 and 2013 Taurus models.


2011, page 238:

"3. On — press and hold the START/STOP button for at least one second

without applying the brake pedal. This will power your vehicle’s electrical

system and the warning lights in the instrument cluster will illuminate,

but the engine will remain off."


2013, page 180:

"To turn the ignition on, press the start button once. It

is located on the instrument panel to the right of the

steering wheel. All electrical circuits and accessories

are operational, and warning lamps and indicators



This suggests to me that a single press of the Start button without your foot on the brake pedal in the 2013 will be comparable to the press and hold without pressing the brake pedal in the 2011.



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Do the "idiot lights" come on with that single press like the owner's manual suggests? Do you happen to have a scan tool that you use to pull codes from your car? If so, does the scan tool connect to the PCM with only the single press? If so, that would be equivalent to the "On" mode of the pre-2013 cars. Somewhere I trust someone has figured out how to connect a scan tool to the car for the KOEO mode, that should be the same mode you need for the TPMS programming (assuming that process is similar to the earlier model years).


Maybe someone at Livernois can explain how to get the 2013 in to the "On" mode since they obviously would use that mode in the process of figuring out how to tune their 2013.



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