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GM copied FMC on the new Caddy XTS!!!!!! (pics)

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So, I went and test drove the new Cadillac XTS Saturday at my dealer (in addition to a 2012 CTS-V Sedan - whole different story). Anyway, the XTS is strikingly similar to the MKS. Same rear fender beltline crease, same very low door chrome strip, same shape, same chrome trim window surround. Anybody else agree with me on the exterior visual similarities? Nice car, but with nothing more than a NA 3.6 V6 , same as in the CTS, I did not fall in love with it. It might replace my wife's 01 SLS, but not my Ecoboost! :)





WITH my car:



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There are suttle differences between the two.....


However, the similarities are strikingly odd.


How strange. Must've been some GM Designers / Engineers scoping out the competition from FMC and adjusting their vehicles accordingly :tsk: :tsk:


Shame shame shame :nono:


But then again, copying they say, is the best form of flattery :spy:

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Definitely a few similarities it seems. I feel the roofline/back glass on the Caddy goes too far back, and the trunk lid isn't long enough. Kinda has a similar feel to me like the new Audi A7's...


The Lincoln is definitely the better looking of the two though, that's for sure!

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