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Mid-America All Ford & Shelby Nationals....


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So last weekend I headed down to Tulsa with my friends from MRT for the Mid America Ford & Shelby Nationals.... Saturday we hit the Tulsa Raceway drag strip... Was just having fun, I knew my times would be horrible due to the heat, humidity, etc. so didn't even bother with the GoPros... However I just found this today:




The owner (2002 Stage 3 Roush) had posted: "my daughter videoed me racing this BAD ASS ford flex with a way modified SHO engine and all wheel drive." ( iwill see if I can find the timeslip tonight... )


Now, I'm used to people coming over to ask me about the Flex... but NOTHING prepared me for last Saturday! The comments and questions were now stop! Heck I had guys wave me down as I was driving up the staging lanes! LOL! Some of the comments were so funny... like the group of guys that came over and told me, "When we seen you pull out onto the the track we said, 'A Flex? Is this some kind of JOKE? And then you just shot off the line and we were HOLY SH*T!" LOL! It was like that pretty much all day long! We (the MRT crew and me) were just cracking up! And finally as we were packing up to leave, a guy in a new Gotta Have It Green Boss 302 rolls by, hangs out the window and YELLS, "That Flex ROCKS!!!" Perfect ending to the day!

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Thanks guys!


I figured I would have people asking me about the Flex, but no way did I ever imagine just how many I would get!


So the Ford Performance semi and trailer were parked right by the staging lanes... it of course has the BIG ECOBOOST emblem on the side with the "V8 performance. V6 economy"... so everyone was asking "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT IN THAT THING?" I simply pointed to the trailer and said "EcoBoost!!! And tunes from LIVERNOIS! Ok... and a little bit of methanol... hehehehe"


So, sitting with the MRT crew... Guy walks up and tell me he just won a bet on me... Seem the guy seen my first run... his buddy shows up in time for my second pass... The guy says "watch this Flex. It's going to run 13s" The guys buddy is doing the "No way!!" So they bet a big soda on my pass! I proceed to run a 13.5 and the guy wins the bet! So he came over to thank me! LOL


Had one guy come up to me after one of my runs and starts out with "You are my HERO!" Yes, giving hope to all those middle aged guys with kids that need a soccer-mobile! LOL!!


So now i'm thinking.... maybe I need to hit the NMRA event next month... hmmmm.... LOL

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Nice work! It's great to see that you know how to read the Christmas tree' date=' you are leaving ahead of those other guys...and if you don't get an occasional red light, you're not reading the tree. Congrats, you make me proud, nice driving![/quote']




Not sure the exact break down... had like 9 passes. Best was a .027, some in the .03x to .06x range, 2 red lights and a .117... not sure where i put the slips! LOL


The two red lights...


RED #1 - They were giving away a free PHOTO from the Event Photographer for anyone with a perfect R/T... was trying for that! LOL


RED #2 - The Yellow Mustang.... ok.. the yellow mustang had full roll cage, slicks, lots of rubber on the fenders... The class was 13.51 to 14.50. We BOTH had the same dial-in, so i knew I basically had to have a better R/T... so I got just a bit too aggressive leaving just as the 3rd amber came on! D'oah!! RED LIGHT! I still stayed in it though... Got the time slip and looked.. sure enough the yellow stang had a PERFECT R/T! So red light or not I'm guessing I was going down! Thinking the guy was a serious bracket racer... Me... I'm just a Test and Tune guy! LOL

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Great job!!!! But how do you run a 13.64 and win the race and the other guy ran 13.60? I had the same kind of Question at a auto -cross this weekend. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oF2FNPEjfA Sorry about the picture on my computor it's good DKW IT WANTN'T LOAD TO YOUTUBE GOOD.


Bracket racing... it's the first one across the line without "breaking out". I got there first due to my reaction time be a lot better than his! So I was able to get off the gas well before the end..

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