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New to Forum, 2011 SHO PP some mods in NC


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New to the forum (as the title reads). My name's Tim. Got a 2011, Black with the 2 tone interior, window tint, PP. Got my SHO brand new in Feb 2011 right after the big snow storm in Rockford, IL. Live in Sneads Ferry, NC. Should be moving to San Diego by the end of the year.


Current mods:

SCT Tuner w/ Livernois stage 4 uploaded currently

Magnaflow catback exhaust

K&N Filter (temporary)


Future mods:

1.25" wide 2pc rotors

high flow downpipes with cats

custom cold air like Hennessey, but not over $1000 (does anyone even spend that much on one?)

possible custom aluminum intercooler tubes (turbo to IC)


This is my daily driver, so nothing too major will be done. I do enjoy seeing what other do to theirs, might give me ideas for my own.

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Did you live in Rockford when you purchased your SHO?


Hennessey CAI is not worth the money. Most are buying AirAid for under $300. Very little performance gain (if any) from CAI. (Mostly visual fluff!) I made my own from a RotoFab "J" pipe, a short piece of pvc and an AEM round filter for under $100. before others became available.

Not aware of any high flow downpipes or high flow cats being available. An x pipe in place of 3rd cat and mid-muffler (if you still have one) helps high end power slightly... per logging results.


You will find lots of great ideas here. Several promising projects that will add real power if you become interested. Beyond the original tune, a W/M or 100% M spray system is likely the best bang for the buck, based on track results.


Good Luck!


A cheap mod that helps keep SHO cooler is a 170 deg T-Stat from Torrie @ Unleashed tuning, for around $70. shipped.

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Welcome aboard Tim :welcome:


Always cool to see new members registering here on EBOF :thumb:


You'll enjoy our community. Lots of great members, as well as Supporting Vendors, makes this a great place to hang out & share info on stuff with our late model SHO / Ecoboost platform.


We look forward to your contributions and involvement here as well.


Pics when you can, and keep us posted as your mod list expands.


Mike :yo:


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Y'all can thank me for the fans be adjusted...


Eerrrr, ummmm, or should I say...... for your SHO sounding like a jet airplane sitting stationary on the taxi-way waiting for take-off. :spy:


Is that supposed to be loaded in the tune? I noticed my fans are constantly running. Ridiculously loud.

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Yup, it's incorporated into the file.


Although it may seem like they're constantly on, on rare occasions, i've noticed (when driving like an old lady on a Sunday morning) the fans actually will shut down periodically.


But yes, for the most part, they remain on.


Our cars run hot. Certainly don't want heat soak, so live with the cool noise of them whirring as you you power off your SHO.


My kids laughed one time saying "Dad, your car sounds like a jet airplane".


I smiled.


But on a side note, there was some recent addition to the TSB's that spec'd for the replacement of the fan relay or something..... I guess that it was becoming corroded due to lack of actual on / run time....


I think that a part of it also was a reflash or reprogram to turn the fans on more often as well to help deter future corrosion.


So in essence, besides the added cooling benefits of your fans cycling on at a lower set temperature..... them running more often is also beneficial to prevent corrosion of the electrical contacts and what not.




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I'm trying to do 3 things with my money: Save for a wedding, save up for upgrades on my SHO, and building a Merkur XR4Ti w/ a Turbo 2.3 Duratec.


Probably have to put the SHO on the backburner as it is my DD and is definitely fast enough. It's funny when I outrun my buddy's 2010 Camaro SS. I would just like for it to stop a little better.


The Magnaflow kit leaves the stock 3rd cat, so it leaves a lot to be desired. It's a very nice tone though. You can barely hear the turbos, so it's good for a family sedan, which is why I bought it. The downpipes will end up being custom if I ever get me XR running. Can't go carless.


Whenever I go on a trip with a group of people, it's my car that's taken. My wife absolutely loves it, which is a plus.


That was a string of random statements. Tired and need to finish packing.


Oh, bought the car in Rockford, IL. Delivered from Indianapolis though.

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