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Tap on startup for a few seconds

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I noticed my car started knocking/pecking/tapping upon initial start up, but, only after sitting a day or two.

Then I began noticing it every morning. Now it knocks on start up after sitting for a few hours. After startup, the knock/peck/tap noise only taps about 7 times then stops, as if something is waiting on the oil to 'get there'. Maybe a lifter?


I haven't taken it in for Ford to diagnose, etc. I did check the oil level and that is OK. Using MotorCraft syn blend via the dealer oil changes. Just flipped to 20k miles. No dash lights, no other symptoms.


Normal? Thoughts?




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It's normal and it's not oil related, it was discussed in another thread and I believe it was decided that it is the noise from the high pressure injection pump. My car does it too at start-up and if you listen closely you can hear it while the car is running at idle if you are near a wall or something that will reflect the noise if you have the window open.

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Its a common problem with fords that have variable cam timing. What your hearing is the cam phasers slapping together until the oil pressure comes up. However from reading further on this subject it can be problem or at least it has been in mustangs with breaking pins that are in cam phasers. Its doesn't sound as if there is a TSB from ford to fix this, but as right now its important use a motorcraft oil filter or better having quality anti drain back valve is key in keep oil in the cam phasers as much as possible.

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