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"How-To" Upgrade Your Outside Mirror Lights to LED's...

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Well, I finally got around to gutting open the outside mirror "puddle lamps" so that I could remove the stock bulb and replace it with a much brighter, LED upgrade.


I've seen lots of posts over the last few months of people asking how to install them, what's involved, questions about bulb sizes, etc.... but I never saw any actual "how-to" write ups on performing this change.


As I've tried to do with all of my mods, both on the SHO, and on my previous Charger build, I will always take the time to post pics and try as best as I can to explain step by step how to do a project from beginning to end.


This particular mod wasn't really all that difficult quite honestly. I hope the info contained in the thread is beneficial for those of you considering this change.


To start out..... I read about some people who attempted cutting open the housing assemblies by using a Dremel tool or some other equivalent type of power tool. Those people who did that, found out that the heat generated by the tool cutting into the plastic, melted the housing itself and/or removed too much plastic and in an inconsistent manner at best.


So a couple of tools you will need for this project are:


1.) A flat head screwdriver


2.) A coping saw


3.) An end cutter


4.) A tube of clear silicone (GE Premium Waterproof is what I purchased)


5.) Two (2) 31mm LED lights, one for each assembly


There are a wide variety of colors and styles of LED bulbs available for purchase and I'm sure you can choose whatever vendor and/or website you may feel most comfortable purchasing from, however, I consistently order all of my LED bulbs for any of my projects from this specific site here:




Here's the link to the actual page for the bulb you'll need:




Simply scroll down and look for this specific product description:




New Super-High Flux 3 chip 1.5 watt Leds


Designed especially for applications requiring a large uniform field of bright light


10mm wide x 31mm overall length


Super White


This specific vendor I cited above, measures their bulbs in millimeters. The site is incredibly easy to navigate and there are multiple images of any bulb you may be looking for, along with "industry standard" charts that cross reference the sizes you may need..... the size bulb you will need for the puddle lamps is 31MM. I believe it may be also referred to as a 3022.


All that being said, I was provided with this particular website below that should help you determine your applicable bulb size if you choose to utilize another vendor / website other than the one I use:




Here's a pic of the tools:


Flathead Screwdriver (used for prying light from mirror)




Coping saw packaging




Coping saw itself




Pair of end cutters




Tube of clear silicone




You should begin by using the flathead screwdriver to gently pry out the lamp assembly from the mirror housing (see/refer to pic above). There'll be two tabs (one on each side) that hold the lamp into the mirror. Gently work both tabs until the housing pops out.


Disconnect the two wires that are attached to the backside of the lamp housing.


Find a clean surface to work around/on as you'll want to avoid unintentionally get'n any dirt/debris/dust etc inside the assembly itself.


Here's a couple of pics of the lamp housings prior to cutting:










Noting the picture directly above, the area you'll want to cut is the tiny gap inbetween where the clear plastic lens is mated to the black part of the housing itself.


You'll want to make sure that when you do start cutting, remember, less is more! Don't get over zealous by hacking the shyt out of it.


Gentle, easy, sawing motions will help preserve as much of the original assembly without sacrificing overall appearance when you go to re-seal them after installing your LED bulb.


What I didn't realize was that there is also a beveled type of edge all along the inner side of the clear lens. I was happy after gutting it open, that I didn't saw too much into it.


Here's a couple of pics of what your assembly will look like after sawing:










Taking particular note on the backside of the clear lens alone, you will find a total of three protruded tabs. One tab located along the outer edge is essentially a guide marker for aligning it into the rear of the housing.


The remaining two, located in/near the center part of the lens I think are used to help keep the stock/OEM bulb in place. I noticed when I tried to reassemble the two parts after installing the LED bulb, that the clear lens would not sit correctly due to the size of the LED itself.




For clarity, I colored the two inner tabs using a black marker to help you see them better in this picture below:




Using the end cutters, place the edge of the cutter as close as you can to the inner edge of the lens and snip both of these off:




Congrats!! You're 90% completed, if not more.


I don't think I need to explain how to remove the stock bulb and replace it with the LED..... I will however add though, that since we cut the two plastic inner tabs noted above (that helped keep the stock bulb in place).... I made sure I bent in each of the metal tabs where the bulb sits to help make a tighter fit.


I wanted to make sure that the LED didn't drop down during normal driving and you hit a bump in the road, normal vibrations, etc......


Finally, be sure to keep separate and individually mark both the Driver's side, and Passenger sides assemblies so that when you re-seal the lamp housing, your clear lenses mate up properly to the black rear portion of each housing.


I simply marked them 'DS' (for Driver's Side) and 'PS' (for Psgr side).






After installing the LED light, simply place a small bead of silicone all along the outer flat edge of the clear lens and then using the clear guide tab, mate the clear lens back into the rear portion of the assembly. Allow proper drying time before re-installing into the mirror housing.

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Here's a few pics of the finished product:








Thank you for taking the time to read through this..... I hope you guys/gals find it useful. I tried to be as clear and articulate as I could and I think the entire write up is pretty self explanatory, however, if questions should arise, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them accordingly.


Your comments are appreciated. -------------------Mike

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This mod really improves the amount of light off of the puddle lamps and looks great. Mike's directions are spot on. Only thing I can add is that I used an Xacto knife to remove the lens from the back. You must be careful and it does take more time, but works equally as well.

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I recently (like mid Nov. 2012) had one of my LED's in the puddle lamp, crap out on me.


Not sure why.


However, I noticed that AUTOLUMINATION had an updated version, that seemed to be helluva lot more compact, and better in design, than the one's I had used.


So the product could be found here, by following this link-------> http://autolumination.com/festoon.htm


After arriving at that page, the product I ordered was the 4th one down from the top of the page.


It is called-------> "LED CREE XPE SUPER High Flux" and then goes onto state that these are "crazy bright".


I ordered two of the 31mm sizes, which are $10.99ea. (not including any necessary shipping/tax, etc.)


Here's a couple of images of both the old LED (with the square circuit board type of design) shown directly next to the newer LED that encompasses all of the electronics inside a tubular glass housing.


Much more efficient, and to those of you with the keen eye, you'll note that the old LED had four (4) separate LED's all on a square panel.


The newer, updated led, houses just one, singular LED inside the tubular glass housing, and it's just as bright, if not brighter, than the old one was.


I may end up swapping out the passenger side one on my car (which still works) and toss'n the newer LED into that lamp assembly just so it's even keel on both sides of the car.



From the front side of the LED's:





From the back side of the LED's:



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The newer LED bulb looks like the dimensions are close to the OE incandescent bulb. You might not have to trim the tabs of the lens with the new style.

I may be ordering some, I'll let you know.


You can cut 1/16th to 1/8 inch off the lens posts for the newer style bulbs. They will fit without cutting, but it pushes slightly on bulb.

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Ok, So here is an Idea. Not sure if it was talked about it yet but here we go,


Get some small lettering "S H O" stickers and place them inside the lenses. So that when the light comes on it cast a shadow of the letters onto the ground within the light path. Like Batman only on the ground, not in the air or hell you could even do that. Ya Batman! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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It looks to me like they are meant to be installed in the bottom of the door....not sure I want to cut that big of a hole in the bottom of the door, or how tough it would be to run wiring....much less, how well would they stay in the door with the opening and closing...even if the door isn't slammed to shut it. Plus seems expensive for shipping...$16.00 for standard shipping???

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