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I recently bought my wife a used 2011 SHO w/PP. Nice car but kind of cramped for me' date=' I'm use to my F-i50 with lotsa room. Nice car though, suprizes me everytime I stomp the accelerator. Looking forward to learning from you guys.[/quote']


WELCOME TO THE GROUP. It's fast now and w/a tune like LIVERNOIS IT'S REAL FAST.

13.26SEC 1/4mi on a 97DEG day in HOT ATLANTA. Again a SRT8 CHARGER 13.99. It was HOT!!!!
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:welcome: Glad you joined us. I understand that you think the SHO is cramped but remember it is the biggest car in the Ford line-up. Most guys here think it is a big heavy car, but like you I came from a Lincoln Mark LT and the SHO seems just the right size compared to the truck!

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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad you heeded my referral & came on over to where most of us late model SHO owners hang out almost exclusively.


As others have echoed, great group of knowledgeable, courteous members here, as well as some outstanding supporting vendors.


Enjoy our community, enjoy the info posted here thus far, and we look forward to your involvement.


Contribute where you may and pics would also be nice when time permits.


Consider becoming a Supporting Member for the whole whopping suggested annual donation of $10. A mere cost of a lunch mind you.


Thanks! :thumb:


Mike :yo:


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