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Home Depot at 6$ a can. There is only one color that people has been using so far which is flat black (actually is closer to dark grey/black with a bit of glossy). Only clean your car and make sure that is ti completely dry (not like me and some water was still dripping on the front grille and plasti dip didn't stick)... I would recommend to use a blower and let it dry an hour. Apply 4-5 coats where needed following the lines of the part of the car you are painting with over laying (you can watch on youtube actually).

make sure to protect with newspaper unwanted areas (like radiator for example). Finally, or firstly, use masking tape to surround area to be painted and leave 1/2 inch all around. Make sure to spray that portion too... at the end when you remove the tape, remove that 1/2 inch of plasti dip... it removes easily and doesn't stain on the car... There you go. Wait about 20-30 minutes between coats.

The only thing I found is that the finish is not like a paint, it is rubberish and if I want to dry the car after cleaning it with a microfiber clothe, I can't use it over the plasti dip because it loses the fibers... And for the front grille, it is not too bad, but it would look better if painted in tuxedo black like the rest of the car... Now it is ok, but it looks a bit cheap imo.

Good luck!

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I found Plasti-Dip to be very durable from bug splatters and using a microfiber wash cloth. I do use a regular terry cloth towel for drying. I have washed the front of my car several times since applying Plasti-Dip and the Plasti-Dip remains completely in place.


I did do a small touch up with Plasti-Dip and brush after my initial install. You wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it out to you or you were purposely looking for it.


Plasti-Dip is very cool.

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