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Mini-Meet For EBOF Members


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Finally had a chance to meet with another member, and had a great time, it was wonderful to meet and spend a little time with Double C and his wife, they were very nice and time flew by, look forward to meeting up with them the next time they are going through the area. Did get a few pictures of the meeting, again it was great to meet such nice people but the time went by way too fast. And thank you for supper, sure did enjoy it!

Here are a few shots as the sun was setting:









Clair, your car looks great, sure do love that color! BTW. that's me on the left and Double C on the right!

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Awesome guys!


Great pics, great to hear about this mini-meet......


Hopefully you guys will inspire others to meet up as well, so that eventually, we'll have a large, once a year, EBOF meet!


Once again, very cool fella's :thumb:


Safe travels to where ever it is your destination(s) take you.


Mike :yo:

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hey great pics and nice to have a mini meet up even if it is only for a short time, im down for this meet up guys, im from ny and im willing to travel just gotta make a date i would say at least a month in advance to give everyone enough time to make plans and arrangements and im willing to travel and have a meet up, seems like alot of chitown peeps here on this forum so maybe mike or someone would know a great place that we could all meet up and have a full day of activities/entertainment etc. (and i guess a hotel close by would help lol) but great idea on the meet up and your mini meet went great so im sure our SHO FORUM FAMily meet would be amazing, and have the photographer (mike) take pics lol, cant wait count me in guys !!

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This meeting was planned early last week and even though it was only Clair and I, I'm very glad that it happened. Several great results. First, I met and made 2 new friends, who are just super people, and actually got to spend time with another SHO owner who is as much a car guy as I am! Maybe starting with small gatherings(much as Mike and some of the other guys have done) will slowly gown into bigger meets. Once we get to have some face time and grow from forum friends into a committee.

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That's awesome! I like this idea. Where are my mid Atlantic SHO owners at?!?!


*raises hand*


There's also Mark (?) I believe in Falls Church area with Cinnamon SHO.


I'm seeing more and more SHO's around here, but none of the owners seem to acknowledge any others. I was out to eat a month or so ago, and there was an older guy in a Kona Blue 10-12 PP that was eyeing me up, but I didn't realize he was in an SHO til later.

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Have to say it is pretty cool getting to talk to another guy who is into the same car as you are' date=' we really had a nice visit...although I'm afraid Clair's wife was a bit bored with the conversation![/quote']

Thanks for posting pictures. Looking pretty good-cars too. Was way out where the deer/turkey/chickens/coyote/bear play. No internet-barely phone service. Just back and first chance to see picts/respond. Had a good visit. About a mile from meeting up with mjhpadi I passed a Kona Blue SHO-waced to driver-a la its a jeep thing days-he never noticed or acknowledged. Shame could have been three. Think there are a lot of "missing" drivers out there.


As far as wife being bored-perhaps-not a car person-never drives the SHO-except for relief work on a long haul. But she does love the car. Goes with my choices/decisions. I am soley in charge of lawn care and vehicle purchase/maintenance. Little else, but those are mine. :RpS_laugh:

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I like your analogy of how many current, late model SHO owners who are out there "missing".....


Funny, but yet simultaneously so true.


All the more reason it's so important for us to guide and corral them into the SHO fold.


Like i've always advocated, keep a small pad of paper & a pen or w/e, so when you come across a fellow SHO owner, you can refer them to EBOF & all the wonderful things going on here.




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