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Thank you Mark and Rick for the kind words and kudos :hail:


I have always been fair and supportive of both individual members, and the communities overall.


I also try to be helpful in creating various "how-to" threads, etc.


I am honored to have even been considered for the position of 'moderator' yet alone granted such a distinctive title.


I think it's a great extension of my work profession and I will do my best to uphold the standards & responsibilities of the position.


I will ask that if any of you happen to notice anything that may require "attention", such as spam bots, or individual posts that may inflame or violate forums rules, please bring them to my attention either via PM or email.


As well intentioned as I am, I still may miss things here & there.


Inevitably I will be relying on my fellow members to help out in maintaining a great site that benefits all of the membership and community as a whole.


Thank you :thumb:


------ Mike

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Mike, I can't think of anyone better for this position then you. You have always been extremely helpful with your posts and how-to articles. Many of them gave me the info to attempt the mods on my car. You also have always been articulate and thoughtful in your posts so I really think that there is no one better for this position then you. Not to mention that your car is one of the baddest SHO's around. So again, congrats and we are all extremely happy and confident that you will perform the duties of this position to the best of your ability and with the utmost diligence.

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Hey Mike!


Congrats on your new position...:mod:


However... your e-mail requesting my SS# and an active credit card... SCARE ME!


That was my wife that asked for such info..... she hopped on while I left the site opened on one of the kids laptops.


I however will ask that I just get the keys to your Brick.... and if compliance isn't forthcoming, be weary of your travels through the SouthWest Suburban Chi-Town area....


I'll just get 'em from the tow truck driver after you get stopped by one of my fellow brother's in blue.


J/K EBB...... I've grown to enjoy the playful bantering you and I exchange, you goof. But thanks for the kudos!

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