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Hello from Germany


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Hey guys I am the brand new owner of a 2013 SHO. I don't have it in my hand yet but I got a look at it yesterday after it reached it final destination here in Germany. Pick it up on Monday. Here are a couple picks from behind a fense. SO wanted to jump the fense. So close yet so far after waiting 40 days for this delivery. Better pics to come next week. [ATTACH=CONFIG]863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]864[/ATTACH]



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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Funny you mention about all those other car brands....


Director of Marketing at Ford, Mr. Steve Ling came out to the National SHO Convention (held this entire past week) and proudly stated that the SHO's now account for over 30% of the sales of the Taurus line.


He continued stating that the new SHO owners were leaving behind, or had come from, the very same vehicles you mentioned.


Seems like even Ford is really happy with how the SHO is progressing for them from a company perspective.


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