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Thoughts on new tune


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I have been running the tune about a month now, and thought would post my thoughts.


When I first programmed the car, I'd program in stage 2, go drive for a bit, come back and return to stock then drive for a pbit. Program in stage 3 and do the same. Probably did this about 6-8 x over the course of a couple of hours! And I was thinking that there was some difference, but was it really that different than stock?


I decided to stay with stage 2 b/c of the reduced torque management.


Last weekend I put the car back to stock and ran it that way for an afternoon of running around town. Well, I couldn't wait to put the program back in!


The car at stock is a dog. When accelerating almost seems like there is something wrong with it, just not a smooth acceleration as running a tune. The acceleration at stock has a feel that something isn't right but not sure what, the car seems to be fighting to accelerate.


Gas mileage from what I can tell is the same, MAY be a little better but not sure if that is the placebo effect. Plus I put the tune in just when the warmer weather arrived, and the mpg is usually better in the summer. Just got the car in January so have nothing to compare to from last summer.


Good thing about this car is the mpg is the same no matter how I drive it; and I'm not "on it" that often, but when I am it's pretty sweet for a daily driver.


There has been some talk on running a tune at elevation; and I'm at a higher elevevation, about 4,700 give or take; I know there is one spot in town that is 5k.


And everything you read about Rick and the great customer service was right on the money.


Now I need to get off my lazy a$$ and put in the CAI.

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Changing back and forth from the program to stock didn't really help you get a feel for the program. After you put the tune in the car needs a little time to "learn" all the new settings. So if you had left it in for a week or two and then went back to stock, I think you would have seen the difference a lot sooner. I ran Stage 2 for a long time until Showgun talked me into running Stage 4+...wow, wow, wow, I am so glad I went to Stage 4+, the car is a real runner, and I can't imagine ever going backwards with the lower number Stages!

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I would agree with Mark.


Resist the urge to keep flashing from one tune to the other.


Allow the parameters / tables within the ECM a chance to adjust to the most recent uploaded tune file, and I'm sure you'll be even more pleased with the outcome.


Glad to hear that you're enjoying your newly discovered performance gains, keep it up :thumb:

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