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Just wanted to pop in and post an intro. I'm looking into an EB F150, or a Taurus SHO. I've also had a liking for the new Focus ST Ford just released. I own two, 97 f150's right now. My dads got himself an EB F150 (2011) and my mom just picked up an Edge (2012) with the 4cyl EB motor. Here's a few pics; If you guys are like any of the F150 forums, you can never have too many pics.







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:welcome: Glad you joined us. Your trucks look great, and I'm thinking if you spring for and EB F-150 you will love it. Your dad's F-150 is the same color as my Lincoln Mark LT. That was a good truck, but my favorite truck was my 98 F-150. Hope you enjoy the time you spend here and keep us updated about your truck search.

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In an official capacity... welcome aboard :welcome:


I, along with a few others have been left scratching our heads wondering why more F150 owners haven't signed up here :noidea:


I for one am very fond of the EB F150's and would hope that more owners register.


I'll 2nd the comments above, that what a great fleet for sure!


Thanks for posting the pics that you have and enjoy all of the info posted here thus far.....


We have a great community with a host of forums Supporting Vendors, as well as a bunch of Premium Members too....


I'm sure you'll come to enjoy EBOF :thumb:


Mike :yo:


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Thanks for the welcomes. I love the EB in my dads F-150. It'll get up and move for sure. I havent had much seat time in the Edge yet, but it moves pretty good too being a 4cyl EB. I hope to be posting within the year about my new EB powered ride. What ever it may end up being.

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