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Drag Strip Videos of BPD1151's SHO.....


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For starters, me walking a lightly modded, 2009 Caddy CTS-V:






A few videos taken from LMS 2012 Customer Appreciation Day held at Milan Dragway, Milan, MI.....








Few more kills for my modded SHO taken from the Brainerd Int'l Raceway during the 21st Annual Nat'l SHO Convention.....


In this video below, I'm lined up against a stock Gen4 SHO, begins at about 2:09 minutes..... win





About 25 seconds into this video, I'm lined up against a 2013 Mustang Boss 302, another walk in the park.....





Starting around 1:08 in the video below, I lined up against Kirk Doucette for the 1st time, another win for my SHO.....





Another video of the 2009 CTS-V beginning at about 2:09.... check off another win here....





At the start of this video, 0:00.... my run against EcoBrickBob..... another win





40 seconds into this one, lined up against an older SHO, stripped, roll cage, track use only..... check off a win





At 5:01 into this video, another run against the infamous EcoBrickBob and his modded G8..... and another win





36 seconds into this one, I lined up against "Team Tampax" and their modded, stripped out, track use only older SHO.... bpd win





Right at the beginning of this video, chalk up another win against a stock 300c that was given a 1 car length line up.... win





3:10 into this one, lined up against Kirk Doucette for race #2, gave him 1 full car, PLUS the launch..... Kirk took this one


Same video, 6:33 into it, race #3 against Kirk, 1 full car, but we launched simultaneously... I closed the gap, brought it to 1/2 car at the end, Kirk eeked it out though....





Race # 4 against Kirk, at about 1:04 into this video, Kirk was given a 1/2 car, we launched simultaneously, and I took the win....



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Nice vids. Was that Bobs G8 or his sons?


I really like that CTS-V, hope I have the chance to smoke one someday.


Thanks :thumb:


As far as that Pontiac goes..... I thought EBB said that one was his and that his son now has possession of the yellow one (which used to be EBB's).


That CTS-V was/is pretty sweet, I'm surprised myself I did as well against him as I did.

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  • 5 months later...

A good friend of mine from another community (Mr. Ron Porter) was kind of enough to sit down and compile all of my drag runs at the 2012 Nat'l SHO Convention into one, solid, almost 13min video.


This newest compilation makes viewing the majority of the videos I posted here, much MUCH easier.


Enjoy :thumb:




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