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Love this thing!!!


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Just picked up a 2011 Silver SHO about a month ago and look for any excuse to run an errand. Loaded with everything but the NAV but I'm ok with that since I got a smart phone.

Just getting it on a healthy new diet of Amsoil 5-30 and am looking to mod it a little bit...not to much but you know how that goes. Not to much into drag racing except I have to go to the NHRA big dogs every year for the sheer violence of it all. I'm a road racer myself and have 95 GT 351 swap with Full Griggs GR40 suspension, 97 Cobra same but track only 2760lbs, and am a Ford fan obviously.

Was going to go German with one of the big three but I didn't feel like going to the dealership all the time for expensive repair and found.....yep another bad ass Ford FTW!

Me in a nutshell, looking forward to learning some tricks about this car and maybe some cruises or something here in Northern California

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Welcome :welcome:


We all collectively look forward to your contributions here on EBOF!


Thanks for registering and please consider becoming a PREMIUM MEMBER.


Be sure to post some pics when time permits.


Ciao :wave:


Mike :yo:


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