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2013 Non PP Tuxedo Black checking in


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Hi all,

New to this forum but have been active on Jeep JK forums (and some sports forums) a good bit. I just purchased a 2013 Tuxedo Black Non-PP SHO and am really enjoying it. Only one request: MOAR power! Have had the chance to read a bunch of threads and even got a tour of the Livernois shop (thanks Rick!) while in Michigan. I live in Washington state and work in finished vehicle logistics. My company handles logistics at Chicago Assembly so I have had a chance to watch a lot of these units roll out. My plan is to immediately add a tuner when LMS gets to general release with their tunes. After that I would like to add Meth as it seems to be the next largest bang for the buck. I imagine I will be waiting a little for the tunes to catch up though. Planning tint and wheels in the near future but undecided on which wheels yet. I might even go 22" as they look good in the wheel wells of these cars (not a fan of bling or wagon wheels though.)


Nice to meet you all and am sure I will bump into you in the threads as things come and go.



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Welcome aboard Robert :welcome:


Does any part of your position at the CAP actually bring you to that facility? I am a mere 1/2hr away from there.


Always cool to have someone involved in some aspect of the production of our cars. Very cool indeed :thumb:


Yea, a lot of '10-'12 owners admittedly have a lil bit of a head start on you '13 guys / gals..... but we all look forward to what you, and fellow '13 owners (and beyond) may come up with next.


Especially as the car continues to evolve.


Thanks for registering and we look forward to your contributions :hail:


Mike :yo:


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I used to work right next door in Calumet City. A lot of my pursuits ended up over there by the CAP.


I'm trying to arrange a photo shoot there and have been in touch with a few Ford Execs about the possibility of arranging that....


Still waiting to hear :whistle:


Shoot me a PM as a heads up when you're back out this way & yes, that'd be great to meet up for a few "pops" or what have you :thumb:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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