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New member, need help before I buy!


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Not my first post, but still figure out an introduction thread will be appreciate before I start asking questions :wave:


So first of all, English is not my first language. I might sound weird from time to time. Please excuse my grammar/orthographic errors. (French Canadian :canada: )


I have been a car enthusiast since forever. This take me to a mechanical engineering degree. Now I am 29 years old, father of one and planning a second. The Subaru STi is not family friendly enough so after multiple search, a Taurus SHO seems to be the logical choice to haul the family without sacrificing the performance and fun to drive. Modifications is also a big seller and the SHO is likely a good platform to satisfy the mod bug.


I was sold for the 2013 SHO but the price of used 2010-2012 and the tuning options of older cars is making me reconsider the 2013... So my question for experts around here: how can I know if a used 4th gen SHO has the performance package?


Also, a brand new SHO with performance package, multi contour seats and navigation is CAN$ 52K but with discount the price is 51.9K taxes included! (fellow Québec residents knows how much sell taxes there is around here) A used 2010-2011 between 15K and 35K miles are selling CAN$ 29K to 34K (33 to 39 with taxes). I prefer the inside, the wheels and exterior of the 2013 but I wonder if it's worth the difference in money?


Your input are needed! :ear:

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First,:welcome: As for telling if the 2010-12 has the Performance Package, probably the easiest way is to check if the car has a spare tire or if it has a air pump. The performance package cars did not come with a spare tire, but with an inflation package that included a 12 volt electric pump to pump up a flat. Also if the car still has the original tires, they will be Goodyear F1's. Those were the OEM tires, but since most were wore out by 20K miles, a lot of the cares that are past that mileage may have different tires.

Also the cost of the 13 is not a problem, then I would go with the 13, since Livernois now can tune the 2013 and Airaid's Cold Air Intake does fit the 13, it is a good start to mods. Good luck with your decision, you will enjoy the SHO when you get it.

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Me personally..... I would go with the 2013.


The biggest improvements are to the entire braking system.


As well as the performance pack on the 2013's now includes the auxiliary oil, trans, and ptu coolers.


The 2013 performance pack SHO is truly 'track ready' right from the dealer.


As Mark stated, LMS already has the capabilities now to tune the newest models, and most of the other stuff that us pre-'13 guys have done (plugs, cai, lower temp thermo, methanol, springs, etc.) will work on them as well.


I would, w/o a shadow of a doubt, opt in for the '13.....


Just be sure to ditch those flower petal like wheels.


Mike :yo:



Oh yea, and btw, in an official capacity, welcome aboard :welcome:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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If you get a Performance Package SHO of any year, it will have as stock, Summer tires. So the 2013 will come with them if it's PP. So.. what you may want to do is get some custom 20's like BPD's TSW Nurburgrings or their other light weight roto forged wheel the Interlagos. both come in several finishes, like charcoal or polished etc. Then, before winter. get a set of decent all season, or winter spec. tires for those petal style stock wheels. Personally, I first hated the new wheel look, but after seeing them on Mac's car, I think they deserve at least to be used as winter shoes, with winter design tires.

They look awfully nice on his black 2013 SHO.... (and this from a guy that ALWAYS changes out his wheels... with 2 custom + 1 stock set for my Brick!).


Another vehicle to consider is a used Lincoln EcoBoost MKS... 2010's and 2011's with low miles cost about the same as SHO's and you can get a bigger moon roof, and several light colored interiors that are better looking than the SHO. Of course they don't come with the performance package, but your fellow Quebec SHO owner "Steve" has gotten almost the same times with his non- PP SHO. "It's the Driver" ..... "It's the Driver"!!! Right... Steve!!!!

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Tuxedo Black is a nice color, it is actually easy to maintian so far.. I came from 07 Black Mustang GT, which i had to stay on top of more.


2013 is the way to go in my opinion also... its track ready as it sits.. as ECHOBrick and BPD can attest.


My 2013 SHO w/ PP has everything but the Nav SD card and the Massage Seats.

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Cute picture....


Just wait 'til she's old enough to start driving the SHO :fear:



My oldest has her permit now, and has driven mine on occasion, but dislikes it cuz she says she has to worry to much about damaging Daddy's "other baby" in any way, shape, or form.


Tee hee hee, stressed out already and just started driving. I laughed about it.


So what are you asking about a "log" or a "journal"? Of what?

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