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Engine Break in?

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I agree with Mark, take it easy 1st hundred Miles. Not to say you can open it up, I was always told to vary engine speed and load. You don't want it to sit idling for long times nor continuos freeway driving for extend periods of time. And I would change the oil out after a thousand miles. No a days cars don't need the breakin they use to, but a little add measure can't hurt.

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Ran it like I drive it since 8 miles. I know the debate is like arguing religion but that's how I have done with all my vehicles and toys. There is evidence for and against this method read up and choose. Good luck and have fun it's a great ride.


This is a great argument for....




I've been following the advice in your link for a the last few vehicles... so far so good!

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That would be horrible... they keep "re-releasing" it what ever that means... the delivery date still shows 8/30??


One thing for sure.. If we missed a due date to Ford on a Radiator or HVAC.. (products we make at the DENSO plant I work in).. there would be hell to pay... countermeasure reports.. financial penalty if it caused line down etc... Ouch...

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