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Glad to be here. SHOFORUM was kind of weak, lot of old guys mad that I had a new SHO and even more mad that I could afford the PP.




Anyways. This forum looks great, lot of smart and reasonable people on here.


I love the SHO. I sold my 530xi for this car. I love BMWs and I am picky about my cars...not for the badge, but for the content. Ford finally made the SHO exactly the way it should have been (with a real performance pack). So I bought one with everything on it except the Multicontour seats.


My father worked for Ford for 30 years, and I grew up driving lots of different fords. I've always been a fan.


I loved the 530xi, but this SHO is fantastic. I know it has much more power, but even the smoothness of the power delivery, handling and brakes are on point with the Performance Pack.


I get more looks now than when I was in the Bimmer. At stop lights, guys just straight up stare at the rims. Guys chat me up at the gas station all the time. I even had a dude wait outside in the parking lot of a taco bell when I walked out (it was late May and it had just been delivered). The guy was speechless, he had never seen the 2013.


I think the Ecoboost is a great engine, and I know it has lots of potential. I bought the extended warranty, so I probably wouldn't do anything beyond a CAI and exhaust (if I ever do - its more than enough car for me).


I took my SHO down to Indiana to visit the inlaws, and my brother in-law (japanese car fanatic) and other family members took the SHO out on the back roads, and their jaws dropped as we rocketed past triple digit speeds with 5 grown men in the car without it ever feeling like the car was working hard...truly amazing.


Overall, I'm a guy who loves super sedans (especially ones with awd). I like them all. The SHO with PP is probably the best value out there. I priced out a 550xi and it came to $82k to match all the options and performance the SHO has.

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I looked at the 535i and 550i as well and liked them but just not for the money. The 535i just didn't have the power I was looking for and by the time I priced to have similar features as the SHO they were both over $70k. It just wasn't worth the price difference for me. Welcome to the site.

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:welcome: Glad you found us and hope you like the car! You learned very quickly about that other place, it's really the reason this forum came into existence, we got really tired of the nastiness that was over there. I think you will find the SHO is as good as the BMW's. I have tangled with a new 750i and was surprised that the SHO was actually a bit faster in acceleration as the BMW...the owner was surprised and was impressed with the SHO. The SHO is different from the BMW, but I think you will find it a very good car. Would highly recommend you consider adding a tune to your car, it really improves the car and makes for much improved performance. Again, welcome and hope you nothing but the best with the car.

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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Thank you for registering and enjoy our EBOF community.


We have a host of helpful, knowledgeable members, as well as a handful of outstanding Forums Supporting Vendors.


Be sure to take advantage of both their knowledge, and product(s) available for the EcoBoost platform of vehicles from FMC.


Please consider becoming a Premium Member as the $10 donation helps offset the cost related to maintaining a SPAM free community.


We look forward to your contributions, and post some pics when time permits.


That "other" community you mention has it's place, but it doesn't really cater to the newer SHO models. Nor does their membership for that matter either.


I think you'll like it more here in all sincerity :thumb:


Mike :yo:

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I bought the extended warranty' date=' so I ont want to void that, but my dealer said a CAI and CAT-back exhaust would be ok.[/quote']


LOL. I sounded just like you, but finally was corrupted and got the Livernois Tune 4+ last week. No regrets. Took a calculated risk on the warranty issue. Since you are in MI, you can drive right to LMS and see Rick and have him do it all for you like I did!


And, check out the Midwest meet thread if you haven't already. Ecoboost gathering right here in Mi this weekend!


Oh yeah, welcome!

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