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Weekend mods. Modified CAI, Methanol

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The LMS Alky methanol kit is very nice but it took me forever to install. That said she runs smooth and strong with it in, cant wait for the track.


While I was in there I cut a piece of the drivers side of my Airaid. It hurt a bit to cut such a nice unit but I wanted to get more air in there... I can hear it now, and can hear the turbos at WOT with windows down.


Also while was at it installed a 170 stat from Unleashed.


Airaid. Sorry I was loading the tune so my headlights was on, plus a shop light was hanging from my hood. Created a 70's kinda weird light effect.




Mounted Alky pump on drivers side like everybody else did.





Unleashed 170 stat




LMS kit as it arrived.



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Thanks to all that came before me. I have read install notes and looked at pics from just about everybody on here and it helped a great deal. My 12 hours of work would have been 20 hours without you guys paving the way.


It is noticeable stronger for sure. I am sure it will run solid 12s now, hopefully low 12s when the temps are cool.

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