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THREE 12 Second passes today!!!!!


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Very nice' date=' so what did you change?[/quote']




I iced down my air filter lid and the tube with the IAT sensor! LOL!


Ok... so let my Flex cool down... but I noticed that the IAT was still sitting well over 100 degrees! Well, I ASSUMED that with the turbos and intercooler that this IAT sensor wouldn't have much influence on things... Boy was I WRONG! I happened to bring some ice with me today to keep my drinks cold... so I though what the heck... through it in a plastic back and tossed it on the air filter box and tube... Cooled it it down until the IAT read a couple degrees above ambient... went and made a pass and BOOM, 12.962!!! I was shocked! Came back gave the Flex a short 40 minutes cool down with the bag of Ice on the air filter box and dang, 12.972 and 12.986! And by this time the DA was about 2600!


So to me it appears that 1st IAT sensor plays a bigger part in the tune than I though.... Bring ICE from now on! LOL

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Thanks, guys!!


Oh, so in the afternoon they run 1/8th mile elimination and I pulled an even better 1/8th mile ET! I will have to double check, but I believe it was 8.396, which had I been able to run the full 1/4 mile, would most likely been a new personal best, coming in around 12.93 or so...


My goal is to make it out to MIR in Maryland for a private track rental in October... Went last year and the DA was CRAZY!! Track prep was CRAZY!!!! only problem... the HEADWIND was CRAZY TOO!!! LOL! Also, Lapeer does stay open until the end of November, so yes, i'm thinking a 12.7x is a possibility!

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