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Engine rattle


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This is my first post, and Im sorry to say that i am not happy with my experience with my 2010 SHO. I bought the car a year and a half ago with 20k on the clock. it now has 43k, it has a oil starved rattle every time i start it, and when i change the oil i have to run for cover, (on first start up). I have had the car to the dealership 5x in the last year. They had a ford Engineer come over to drive my car, just to have the service advisor calmly tell me that the sound is normal and there's nothing to worry about!! It sure feels political, because to fix my car would be admitting that there ecoboost isn't as perfect as Mike Rowe says it is

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Here we go again. Suspicious......


I agree.....








Moving along and addressing the OP's concerns.....


Based on the limited info your providing, I would agree, sounds to be a perfectly normal occurrence.


It is likely the DI pump.


Why, for the love of God you would admit to having to "run for cover" after performing an oil change is just downright silly.


Other members have filled up their (new) oil filter, prior to installing it and the engine / turbo's seem to like that.....


I believe you're fretting over what sounds to be normal to all of us.


You're acknowledgement of you bringing your car in 5x for the same exact thing, and then going one step further saying the SA "calmly" explained what the Engineer discovered, reaffirms my belief you're stress'n my friend.....


These engines are signifigantly more durable than you're giving them credit for......


Relax and enjoy it.


Oh yea, and btw, welcome to EBOF community :welcome:

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I can't say that I would describe the sound as a "rattle" but more of a ticking. To the average guy it does sound like the sound of a lifter tapping that is not properly lubricated, however as the above have stated, it is probably the DI pump. The sound does diminish after a few seconds, however if you are close to a wall you can still hear it if the windows are down and the radio is off. It is the sound of the DI pump and is normal with these engines. If the techs are telling you it is normal, I think they are probably correct. Good luck and welcome, hope you continue posting and joining us.

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