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? Program to roll windows up and shut moonroof when press lock button on remote?

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Just picked up my wife's SHO yesterday.. have been reading the manual and tinkering with all of the features.


I would like to know if it is possible to program the remote to automatically roll up windows and shut moonroof when you press the lock button on the remote. I could not find any detail about this in the manual or searching forums. Is it possible?





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No program for windows up with the remote. I'm sure this is a liaibility issue...if the windows would go up while someone had a hand or arm in the window and no one was around it could be disaster...imagine being caught in a rolled up window with the doors locked and no one around. Or worst if this would happen to a child?

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wouldn't that be nice!? I had a similar thought the other day when I was at a friends when it started to rain and my windows where down. And thought what if the cars rain sensor could be incorporated into. Wouldn't that be cool?


Yeah, it would be pretty cool, I've often wished I could leave the windows down and have the option to roll them up if the weather turned nasty without making the trek to the car!

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okay fellas, let me tell you that it is not only possible, but it is standard on the MKS..at least in 2010. I just went outside to confirm it, so I was sure that it was not simply poor memory and I was not talking out of my rear end. when I press the lock button and hold it, all of the windows roll up and the sunroof closes.

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Ford must think Lincoln owners are more responsible and can handle it. Either that or they think this is what justifies the 8K price difference. LOL.


Admittedly a cool feature, but in reality, I never use it as I don't ever leave my roof or windows open outside (I like to keep out the dust).


Also a note, I don't have remote start. Has anybody tried this who does not have remote start? Just grasping at straws here for a reason for the difference.....

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