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Hey Guys,


Purchased a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO Tri-Coat Platinum White with barely any miles and in perfect condition (minus the wonderful chrome chipping in the rear). I've been researching and lurking here for a few days and also looked at a few forums before this. I am in the market to start upgrading some external things and then move onto the sound system before stepping more into the engine work.


I am planning on purchasing a grille from Mobsteel.com and or T-Rex. If anyone has pictures of either or mounted on their vehicles, it would be a great help to me! After that I am ordering the Corsa Exhaust. Not only is it an extremely simple bolt up install, I think it sounds the beefiest/best. I have already ordered the SHO side fenders from the newer model, the Airraid Cold Air Intake, and am replacing the interior and exteriors lights to super white. I've also ordered an LED strip to put underneath the front headlights.


I plan on doing some plasti-dip but am a little skeptical of it, especially since I wash my car once a week. I really only want to do the chrome around the windows and the chrome that is chipping off around the lights. I think I will leave the long strip in the back alone for now and see what it looks like. I am also going to spray tint the rear tail lights and the front headlights with a single coat of the rust-o-leum brand spray tint. Has anyone use this before?


I plan on taking this car to shows after I've installed the sound system. I am going to be taking my system out of my older 2002 Acura CL-S and installing it into this system, but plan on keeping the SYNC. I haven't seen many elaborate systems installed yet on this car. The equipment that I will be installing is listed below but of course I just took it from my Acura so I will update it and make a build log once it is time, which will probably be awhile.


I have attached some pictures below of my car currently. I look forward to sharing my ideas and getting plenty of new ones from other members! Thanks guys!
















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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to see our EBOF community is continuing to expand :thumb:


Thanks for registering here, and it's pretty cool that not only are you from my home State, but also that there will soon be a "mini-me" roll'n around out there.


Great color choice and I'm sure I'm not the only member here that is looking forward to your pending audio install(s).


You're correct, not a lot of audio setups executed in these as of yet. There's been one or two here and there, but for the most, seems to be a current void in the mod list(s).


So please do post up and be prepared to answer questions from others if your set up sounds as insane as you and I previously discussed via PM.


If you've been lurking, I'll presume you already know we have an incredible group of EB owners here, all whom are knowledgeable, polite, and helpful.


Additionally, EBOF also has a handful of outstanding Supporting Vendors, so be sure to check them out, & their ever expanding line of product(s) for the EB platform of vehicles.


Finally, if you can, please consider becoming a Premium Member as the suggested $10 annual donation goes entirely and directly to maintaining the Spam Security Protocols enacted by our ADMIN Staff. It greatly helps in providing a Spam Free Community here.


We look forward to your contributions, and thanks for posting the pics that you have :hail:


Mike :yo:

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