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Just want to thank Mike for showing and inviting me to the community. I look forward to helping and learning with everyone.


Welcome aboard :welcome:


No prob on the invite, great to have you here!


Please spread the word around as much as you can on your end, as this site will inevitably become "the home" for everything and anything EcoBoost related!


Enjoy your times here, as well as the great comraderie of the membership here :thumb:



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Sorry for not having my sig up to snuff. I will get to that in time. Ive had numerous SVT products over the years. '00 SVT Contour, '01 SVT CObra, '04 SVT Cobra, '04 SVT Focus which was replaced by my '10 SHO. Still have the '07 GT500 resting in the garage (shes paid for :biggrin1:) and the wife drives a '10 SVT Raptor. Hence my name. :drum:


The Raptor is all stock due to having a warranty, One MOD though! Added some polyfil in the stock sub, Sounds good now. LOL


The SHO is still fresh to me, Looking to aquire some weathertech mats to put in it first. I have a few upgrades planned but I will post those up once I get to them.


'07 GT500 is pretty much stock, It does have a set of Shelby GT axle backs for the nice tips and added sound. Still a little quiet for my tatse but they do sound much better then stock. I also have a C&L CAI with a Evolution Performance tune loaded. I wont add any more power til I get around to upgrading the rear suspension.

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A little fun in the old '04.




And someone told me that our underpowered '65 Galaxie wouldnt turn the wheels over.




Great SVO's and some nice old Galaxie's too. My bro and I had a few of those over the years and loved them all.


Welcome once again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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