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Tony here, I use the same name on other forums, I have a 2010 SHO in Atlantis Green NoN PP, NAV and the 2 tone interior, I love it but it has given me many problems, thank god for the extended warranty, Rebuilt Trans, New Engine, 1 new Turbo, a rear shock leaked and I fixed it..LOL. I am trying to hang onto it since less than 400 were made in my color.

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Rawr! TonyTheTiger's on board the great new home of everything and anything Ecoboost related!


Tony, glad to see you've accepted the invite and made the jump here to the EB community! :welcome:


I'm positive that you'll enjoy this forums site tremendously as it focuses solely on our line of vehicles.


We look forward to your contributions and please spread the word around to anyone else who you think may benefit from being a member here as well :thumb:



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