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New 2013 SHO in Vegas


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Hi y'all. I just picked up my new 2013 on August 30th and I LOVE it!! Went with the Sterling Gray, Performance package and all the bells and whistles. This is the coolest car I've ever owned!! I have been making excuses to run errands or just go out for a drive. I'll try and post some picks soon. Thanks for having me. I hope to gleam all kinds of information from people who have and know about the same machine!

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In an official capacity, welcome aboard :welcome:


I'm glad you heeded my suggestion(s) and decided to register here :thumb:


I strongly believe you'll truly find your membership here at EBOF to be a signifigantly more rewarding experience, as you'll come to find out that you've surrounded yourself with fellow owners, most of whom have been bitten by the mod bug to some degree, or another.


We look forward to your own contributions and yes, please do post up some pics when time permits.


Once again, welcome aboard!


Mike :yo:

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