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Ford Racing Oil Filter Filter?

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has anyone tried one?



apparently our cars use the same filter as the 2011 5.0 Mustang as per the Royal Purple Part Numbers


i was at the dealer and they just told me the part was unavail for the SHO anyone want to chime in on this?


they have a couple of numbers listed but i have no clue what each one is for http://www.fordracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=7703

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The Oil Filter on my 2010 is listed in Ford Parts Database as: FL 500 S


But I also just looked at the diagram(s) posted in my "Aux OIL Cooler Thread" and on the diagram, it shows the call out number as: 6731.


Referencing the part you listed in the link above, it shows M6731 (which I'll assume is a direct match).....


However, it shows the actual part # as: FL 820 S (which is different).


It appears there is a "Tech Line" Phone # of: 1-800-FORD-788 near the bottom of the page you linked members too.....


Perhaps try giving them a shout during normal business hours and see what the down low is :noidea:

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Mike does the aux oil cooler change the filter to the FL820S or does it still use the FL500S?


It still called for the FL500S.


I declined to purchase it (oil filter) at the time I put those Oil Cooler Parts on order, due to the fact I just had a recent oil change performed.


But I know there was 2013 Boss 302 Mustang at the Nat'l SHO Convention that had the Aux Oil Cooler installed from the factory, and according to what the link shows to FRS website, the FL820S is used in those vehicles.


So IDK really wth the story is.....


I'd be curious though.


If it has only to do with actual length of the filter itself, I can say that with the newly installed Aux Oil Cooler, the revised OFA does push it out a lil further than the stock one, so there is more clearance if it's just purely based on physical dimensions of the filter itself.


Since i'll likely be sleeping during the day, I'd be curious if someone takes the time to give that 800# a call and find out what's up.




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Hey Mike I found this on bob the oil guys forum. I will fit, I am not sure if the difference in the bypass valve setting is good or bad.

The threads are the same. They're a little different in size, but the big difference seems to be the bypass setting. I will do some more research to make sure I have better understanding of the bypass valve. But I think if more than 8psi pressure accumulates in the filter the oil will bypass the filter and is returned back to the engine. So in case of the FL820s it will force more oil thru the filter before bypassing, which sounds like a good thing. But it will also cut down oil flow thru the engine. I read article some time ago by a GM engineer that oil flow is more important then filtering and filter that claim to filter finer particulates restrict oil flow. Now with said both filter have similar flow rates and most likely due to the 820s larger sizes. Also just a little but of info about oil filters. Oil filters do not filter 100% all the time, they filter part of some of the time. So I know I see over 100psi at WOT this means only 8psi of oil is being pushed the filter and other 92psi is bypassing the filter and return back to the oil pan. What kinda concerns is the micron rating of 19, when I sold amsoil years ago I was told anything over 12 microns caused engine wear and there filters filtered down 8 microns. But with all that said and for what I have read, I don't believe there is a very exacting science with oils and filters at play here but more opinions then anything. So in my opinion could you use the FL820s? Yes, will it cause you any grief? I doubt it. Probably worst case scenario is, you will here excessive lift tap. I read a thread I believe on here with a ecoboost 150 had changed oil and used a valvoline oil filter and developed a lot of lifter noise and took to the dealer for and they change filter and went away. And I have friend at work that also has 150 ecoboost changed is oil and used a mobile 1 filter and his engine started making noise, now he told me this 2 days ago and I just the thread when I came home from work so the next morning I told him try changing the oil filter. So I will have to find out monday if that resolved for him.


Motorcraft Number FL500s

Part Number: 57502

Principal Application: Mazda Tribute, Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner (2009) w/ 3.0L engine - Ford Taurus, Edge, Mercury Sable w/ V6 3.5L mfg after 1/16/2009

Style: Spin-On Lube Filter

Service: Lube

Type: Full Flow

Media: Paper

Height: 4.09

Outer Diameter Top: 2.942

Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed

Thread Size: 22X1.5 MM

By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 8

Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes

Max Flow Rate: 10-12 GPM

Beta Ratio

Burst Pressure

Normal Micron Rating

Gasket Diameters


OD 2.753

ID 2.397

THK 0.25


Motorcraft Number FL820s

Part Number: 51372

Principal Application: Ford/Lincoln/Mercury (91-09), Mazda (00-09), Cadillac STS-V, XLR-V (06-09)

Style: Spin-On Lube Filter

Service: Lube

Type: Full Flow

Media: Paper

Height: 4.167

Outer Diameter Top: 3.66

Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed

Thread Size: 22X1.5 MM

By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 16

Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes

Max Flow Rate: 11-13 GPM

Beta Ratio 2/20=12/25

Burst Pressure 275

Normal Micron Rating 19

Gasket Diameters

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Holy bejesus!


Now that's a rather punctilious explanation your provided Chris!


TYVM :bowdown:


I look forward to any other info you can gleam and post as you said you were gonna reach out to other sources for same.


In the interim, this is great info for all to benefit from.... thanks again :thumb:


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Found this Amsoil comparo graphic on BITOG also -




About 2/3 down the page. FL820s holds its own pretty well.




Some stats on Royal Purple 20-500 filter:


Brand Royal Purple Oil Filter

MPN 20-500

Product Line Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filters


Oil Filter Style Canister

Height (in) 4.500 in.

Outside Diameter (in) 2.980 in.

Filter Bypass Relief Valve Yes

Anti-Drainback Valve Yes

Thread Size 22mm x 1.5

Gasket Outside Diameter (in) 2.720 in.

Gasket Inside Diameter (in) 2.350 in.


Royal Purple Extended Life oil filters offer high performance filtration for your oil system (99.9% filtration efficiency at 25 microns)! Designed for superior particle removal and low flow restriction, these filters meet or exceed OE requirements and will not affect your car's warranty.


Features include:


* Thick shell material provides extra security against punctures from road debris

* 100 percent screen-backed synthetic media provides superior filtration, while keeping restriction low

* Ultra-strength filter housing endures a higher burst strength than conventional filters

* High performance silicone anti-drainback valve prevents dry starts, even in extreme conditions

* Extra-heavy duty rubber base gasket ensures a leak-free seal

* Metal end caps provide a positive seal for filter element assembly

* Center tube prevents filter element collapse

* Bypass valve ensures oil flow in situations of excessive filter element flow restriction



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