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videos of SHO against rivals


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Here is the link to youtube for an edited video of 3 minutes including 3 races at the drag Tuesday night. Weather was not that cool at around 65F and the wind was neglectible (less than 2 mph side-front wind). DA was around 500. Nevertheless, I was raping everyone that night... except a Nissan GT-R that was running 11.97 to 12.16. He was not using launch control... I wish I could have reced him but he was already gone when I was ready to race... Next time. So, in the video, I spanked:

a Supercharged Camaro SS, a stock Jeep SRT8 and a Subaru STI. Not in the video, I won against a 5.0L 2012 Tuned Mustang with Steeda CAI (he ran 12.35, me 12.28), I won against a 2011 Mitsubishi EVO stock than ran 14.1 at 103mph (exactly like the STI in the video).

I hope you enjoy... More videos to come next week, as I expect to go this weekend if it doesn't rain (cool weather expected and glue = potential for new low!). I might be the fastest SHO in the world for a few days until 3-4 guys beat me at Milan on Oct 26th... I am a good player and wish those guys the best!



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Yeah, that s what I said in the video, if you can't put it to the ground, it's worthless to have all that power... In fac, it must be frustrating!

And yeah, that STI really had a bad start... It still manage a 14.1 at 103... That trap speed with AWD should put him more around 13.6 mph... It had at bad RT plus bad launch... Nevertheless it gives a good example of how far a 14.5-15.0 sec car would look at photofinish, very far behind!

That night the Nissan GTR without launch control was running 12.0-12.1 in average and at 1/8 mile 7.86 (I saw that specific number twice)... My 1/8 mile is about the same... That means that at a redlight, I shouldn't be afraid of a GTR unless he uses launch control, which I doubt he would think that he would need against a fat sedan lol!

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Yeah that GTR wasn't running right or something man haha. Those things are supposed to be 0-60 in like 3 seconds or less. Those things regularly outrun ALL of the big boy cars.


You'd be surprised Jimmy!


First, GT-R started in 2009 with 473hp and now 530hp or more if you take the special edition (I think it is called the black edition or somthing like that). So, a 2009 GT-R would do the 0-60 in 3.0-3.5 seconds depending if Motortrend, insidelines, individual... But that is with launch control... Apparently, they had some issues on the car reliability with the use of LC and it is stated that if Nissan sees that a tranny broke because of the use of LC, then the guarantee is voided and the guy will have to pay 15K$ for replacement. That is why many of the owners won't use the LC all the time. So, without LC, the fact that the turbos are bigger, it takes more time to spool up and the 0-60 will be a good 0.5 seconds slower.


So, a 2009 stock GTR will do around 11.5 sec. at 121mp but without LC, it is more 11.9-12.0 but with a similar trap speed...


The guy that was running around 12.0-12.1 is very close to what it is supposed to do.


After all, if you do the math, it weights 3,836 lbs and has 473hp/434lbs(after 3,200rpm), it is AWD so more drivetrain loss...

Comapre it to my SHO: 4,300lbs (when no spare and low fuel) and has over 500hp and 500lbs of torque after 2,500 and also AWD...


It makes sense that if I did 12.3 at 115mph in average that night that he averaged 12.05 at 120mph... Not the fault of the driver.




Steve, the number guy! lol

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