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Where I was... and what I drove..

EcoBrick Bob

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We were recently in Ireland for 8 nights. Had a car with me as driver for 7 days.


One of the places we stayed. Can you name it?




Here is a clue.. "Quiet Man" bar from movie.




The Room we had near Waterford.




Our Daughter Heidi is ??????






This is a 2012 BMW 520 D. It had a 2.0 liter Turbo Diesel that is rated at 181 HP and 280 LBS TQ. MFG says 0-60 in mid- 7's. Was much more peppy than I expected. It was a real sipper with fuel mileage in the mid-30s for us, and higher on the "M"'s. Didn't like the stop/start technology, but figured out that double braking disables it. Guess we have to become used to this type of vehicle. Dual screw turbo definitely works!


Conclusion??? Can Torrie or Livernois tune this puppy so we can get some real performance from a diesel!!!







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Nice try!!! It was Ashford Castle in Cong. The pub was the one featured in the 1951 John Wayne movie "The Quiet Man". The bedroom shot was at Faithlegg Manor house and Golf Lodge.

They were starting an "Irish Wedding" when we arrived on Friday around 5:30 PM... By 7 they had drunk more alcohol than I have seen in my lifetime. Band played till 2:45 and then they retired to the hall outside our Daughter and Son in Law's room. Finally went to bed at 5:30 AM. And.. we were told this goes on and on till dusk on Sunday. Had a long day planned the next day or we would have deferred and JOINED THEM... Long Lost US Relatives... LOL Had Grumpy kids fro 3 days afterwards.


I have driven on the "WRONG" side of the road before. However these roads were narrower and had taller stone walls closer to the road. NO damage to car in about 2,100 KM but the person before had really curbed the left side wheels closest to walls and curbs. Fortunately I noted lots of previous damage which was sad considering the Bimmer only had about 9,000KM on it when we got it.


Lots of good memories... and we got some rather cheap tickets on American Airlines because we were willing to bring along our own seats!!! And NO flight delays... a first.

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Lots of good memories... and we got some rather cheap tickets on American Airlines because we were willing to bring along our own seats!!!


Ha! I'm willing to bet that you bolted them down a lot better than the AA Mechanics bolted their's down!




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Glad you had a good time EBB. Got to go there on a belated honeymoon with the wifey. Would go again in a heartbeat.


While I didn't drive around in quite as stylish a ride as you did (had a Nissan Micra!) it was still some of the most fun driving I have ever gotten to do. Almost felt like I was in a race for my life the whole time. It was awesome!

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