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Video of my 12.12 at 116.5mph on youtube


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Good point Darrell, vocabulary mistake attributable to English not being my first language lol ; )

I am going back tomorrow... Season is reaching to an end, so I am trying my best to lower that time... I can only go from 10am til 12, so I hope the track will be well prepped and it won t be too humid (suppose to rain a bit tonight but sun and clouds tomorrow).

And Paul, everyday I get compliments on the car and many times per week people want to race me... I am a bit more reasonable than before... At the track, people are impressed how fast the SHO is and they are not only wondering what has been done to it bit also what car is that? Lol

Thanks for your comments guys! Hopefully another new best tomorrow! Imagine 11's!!! Rick LMS: what would be the reward that you were suggesting for the first in the 11's? ; )

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