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Jack Skellington

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Howdy all!! Picked up a '10 Red Candy SHO two weeks ago (10/6) with 22K miles. Based on what I have learned reading around the net it is a 402B spec and build 2. The only issue it has is typical (as I have learned) blender door actuator. Rather than take it back to the dealer for a $20 part I just ordered one myself. Should be here today or tomorrow.


Coming from an '06 300C I was shopping for a few months and really considered another 300. I just decided that another 300 optioned out like mine was (Hemi/nav/etc) going to be too cost prohibitive. Either that or I would have to go with a 2010 which was still the old body style. If I was going to do that I would just keep my 300 (only had 46K miles)


About this SHO.......holy hell is this car fun to drive. It is the most surefooted thing I have ever had ahold of. Rained here over the weekend and I did everything I could the get it to hydroplane and it was just as solid as dry pavement. Also found that it seems to have a really wide powerband. My 300 would start to fall off at the top of the tach. The SHO pulls all the way through.


So far I really only have two complaints and neither of them are that bad at all. The turn signal stalk is angled funky. Seems like every time I go to turn on the blinkers I also turn on the high beams. The other thing are the exit lights. This is just a preference thing for me but I like when I turn the car off that there are no lights on. Even with the exit delay turned off the tail lights and front markers stay on for 10-15 seconds (never really timed it). I prefer no lights on and just a flash when I lock or unlock. Again not a huge deal, just a preference.


On the whole I REALLY REALLY love this car. The guy that had it before me added screens in the back, but I might take those out. That little window right next to the unlock lever seems like it is inviting someone to steal them. We'll see.

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:welcome:Glad you've joined us. I would like to see a photo of the screens in your car. Also if you think the car is fun now you should consider picking up a tune from one of our supporting vendors. With the tune installed the car becomes a blast to drive, it's a great way to improve performance without spending a lot of money, but well worth the investment! Again, glad to have you with us!

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