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new guy From the Swamp Land!


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Welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to see our EBOF family continuing to expand :thumb:


Thanks for registering and I hope you find your time here beneficial.


Exciting to see the F150 members growing!


Pics when you can, as those are always welcome!


We look forward to your involvement here!


Mike :yo:


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No you're not....I worked with a girl who drove mine' date=' and she was only 4'11". And that was before the adjustable pedals!![/quote']


I'm 5'3" so I'd definitely be able to! He was giving me a hard time at the dealership when I was standing next to one. I think it's just pent up frustration that I spank his Mustang every time. Even with a head start!:whip:

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Effing right. Where you at in Louisiana? I live here as well.



Breaux bridge and you?


Welcome Ecofx86 from THE SHO-OFF the SOUTH group in ATLANTA. SORRY ABOUT YOUR SAINTS(NOT)LOL GO FALCONS. Love that F150 saw 1 rip a chev up in a 1/8mi at ATLANTA MOTORSPEED GO EcoBoost F150.

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