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New best, but still have more to go!


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OK ran 12.44 maybe 55-60 degrees. A fair amount of wheel spin on all runs..... On this run I spun a lot.. After the 12.44 I slowed to 12.5's. After a couple hours I upped my "initial" on the methanol and got back into the 12.4s but it was over 70 by then.


The initial wasnt optimal at first and probably still isnt. Also the body still rolls back at launch, maybe because of the eibachs, thinking of trying dragbags. Have the F1 supercar tires for 20" rims, that will help with all of my wheel spin.


What do you guys think?


This slip was vs a newer vette, looked like a Z06. Didnt know the guy but he ran up to a mutual friend and exclaimed "HTH can a Taurus beat my vette?" Also beat a GT500, and several older muscle cars.



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Woohoo! Good job! Eibachs with bags or H&R will help you launch faster. I am launching between 1.81 to 1.85 and I believe the PP SHOs are a bit faster on 60'... So, there is a 0.1 there for sure that you could save... But hey! 12.4 sec is very fast for the big boat! Cool!

As for the vette, he was spinning a lot at beginning bit his trap speed suggests that it is a GS Corvette not a Z06... Z06 would trap well over 120, more around 125mph and with a better launch would be easily in the 11's.

But still, too much power for the wheels is worthless. With our AWD, we are sacrificing power for grip... And from what I've seen, it pays off... As Mike says, the kill list continues: GT500, Vettes, CTS-V, ... : )

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Yeah Steve I dont know vettes real well. He was gaining on me but couldnt run down the SHO. The GT500 was next to me until he lost it, think he missed a shift.


3rd cat has been replaced with an X pipe. I think if I would have had the intial turned up to were I finished at I would have had 12.3 yesterday. After it warmed up I was 12.53-12.55. Turned the initial up a tick and ran 12.48 so it has more potential.


Are your tires the stock goodyear RSA? I had a heck of a time with wheel spin... I still have stock tires and ended up 25-28PSI trying to get traction.


Wish I would have had somebody taking video, maybe next time.

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