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Name's Franchi, nice to meet cha!


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Morning all! Name's Franchi and I have a 2012 F150 Ecoboost. Pretty active on a few different forums but thought be fun to join a Ecoboost specific one as well so here I be! Come from performance background in Mustang and F-150 world but once the wife and I had a kid, needed something with 4 doors so sold one of my Mustangs and got the Ecoboost couple months ago and been a great daily driver. Took the truck to the track couple weeks ago and best was a 14.85 trapping 93 mph which was pretty impressive for a bone stock, heavy truck. Truck has a few cosmetic things done to it now and few go fast goodies on the way.


Looking to sign up as a Vendor as well for the forum as I'm a direct SCT dealer as well as with Stainless Works, shot a PM over to admin to get the ball rolling on that front.


But enough talk! What's an intro thread without PICS?!?!?


The truck...




Redid the front end as not a big fan of chrome...




Custom emblems...




My weekend fun car. 2006 Mustang GT ( Can you tell that I like BLUE just a tad? :-)












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Nice, Nice, NICE!


To both rides :hail:


Glad to have you on board and thanks for registering. :thumb:


Always a pleasure seeing the F150 membership growing, and we look forward to your involvement here on EBOF.


ADMIN's pretty responsive, so let me know if you haven't received a reply within the next day, or so. I'll get a hold of them personally.


Once again, welcome aboard, and thanks for the pics. You're well aware of forum protocol for nebwie's, good job!


Mike :yo:

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Welcome aboard, nice rides! Since winter is coming very soon, I put a hold on my performance mods and the next one I had in mind was to put the same saying that objects in mirror appear to be losing... lol! So, don't think I am copying you if you see pics of my car soon with that saying... Actually, I was looking at it this weekend and was wondering how I could remove the letters in the passenger's mirror to replace them with the new ones.

Nice indeed to see the F150 section haveing more and more members joining, I like the trend it is taking.


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