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The decals and stickers' thread

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Darrell said in response to Rick's GT1000R and GT800R: «Maybe I'll have a SHO600R soon»...


But knowing Darrell, I believe he meant it more in the idea of having a 600hp car. But, me being known as decal lover, I got the idea to actually modify the lettering on the trunk. Instead of leaving the SHO lettering by itself, I thought it could be interesting to add something like this... That would be the only lettering on my trunk. What do you guys think? It could be done with the actual SHO letters, then borrow letters from F150 (with one set I could make 510, but I prefer two sets and make 550 lol! If I am to continue upgrades next spring, I'd rather do that mod only once... and the R from the Taurus letters that I removed. Here is how it looks when I put it on the computer:



I invite anybody that has ideas of decals and stickers that can be put on your Ecoboost ride to post them here.



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I'm usually all for decals and what not..... I mean hello, it's me after all.


However, in this incident, as proposed, no freak'n way.


The 'R' designation has NEVER been associated with the any of the SHO Generations.


I would leave it alone personally.


But that's just my .02 cents. Please allow others to chime in, before making an ultimate decision.


That is ofcourse if you haven't already made up your mind on your own :noidea:

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Having owned recently a TRUE "R" car... Volvo s60R....


No freaking way should you designate your SHO as an "R" car.


R cars were created by Asian and European car companies to signify a special or " race" version of a particular model.


Ford has already done this. They have the Taurus, ans have a special model called the "SHO". Adding an R to the SHO IS UNNEEDED and would be a huge poser move.


Just like Audi and now Volvo are posers with " s line" and "r design" . These are not true s and r models, they are just trying to cash in on past cars.

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"R" on the side of caution. Though, if we did not have SHO lettering on there, what WOULD be a suitable replacement? Anyone seriously lightening the chassis, putting in a rollcage, etc? To me that would be the minimum required, to think of relabeling. Maybe do it underhood, and/or interior?

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Thanks for your comments... I actually liked the look but couldn't agree more with all your comments. I have been thinking about a special lettering to add/replace the SHO on the trunk and when I read Darrell mentioning that SHO600R, I thought I'd see how it looked and post it here... Maybe something more

Appropriate would be a 12S on the trunk... Since a 12S package exists and I believe I modified the car enough to call it my own 12S package, but for me it would mean 12 second package... What do you guys think? Less poser/ricer? I would like to do it in the same type of lettering as the SHO, not decal...

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Poser/ricer is a fine line. Trust me, I have inadvertantly crossed it in the past. For me it was actually making my Tahoe too "hillbilly".


Regarding the ideas you have, you certainly have the goods to back it up, but it begs the question, why advertise? Again, not trying to criticize, it comes down to your personal preference, and removing the "R" makes it more appropriate for, at least, me.

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I not for overly stickered or completely debadged cars. Unless its a show car, most cars have a ok amount of badging from the factory.


That is the way I look at it too. I have the the front of the car taken care of with the Twin turbos and 500hp decals, but in the back, I only have the SHO, which I like, but would have likes to comlement it... How about that 12S leterring to complete the trunk, what d'you guys think?



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