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Possible new MKS sighting

Livernois Motorsports

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I seen of these a few weeks on the road and also thought it was a MKS, I tried to catch up to it to have a better look and traffic wouldn't allow me to do so. But its a big car, every bit as big as our car not at like the MKZ of previous years where it was a Fusion with Lincoln adornments. Kind disappointed Ford hasn't marketed this car better cause it kinda flew in under the radar.

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As stupid as this may sound, I did not take notice (or not close enough notice) to the new Lincoln product while touring the Chicago Assembly Plant last week.


Although in retrospect, i'm glad my photographer did happen to catch a few of them in his images.


I was so busy trying to pay close attention to the overall assembly process itself (as it was being explained by the individual providing our tour) that I guess I didn't realize some of the newer products there at the time :doh:


That place was simply amazing to see and it's somewhat overwhleming to at the same time, because there so much activity occurring all around, and all at the same time, that it was a LOT to take in.


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Me too I like all of it, but not sure about the front... But, I prefer the new Fusion though. Its rear lights are a bit like the Aston Martin and the front grill too. Very nice car and wel equipped would still be cheaper than that Lincoln and IMO looks better... same engines.

So, I was playing build my car at Ford.ca (Candian prices) and a full equipped Fusion with 4cyl ecoboost AWD was quite expensive. At that level, I would prefer a one year old used SHO.

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