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The Cards Have Arrived!


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I got the cards finally from vista print. And well, I have to say they look great. Without further ado, the cards.


Also, LVM has been awesome (as usual) and has provided a 5% off discount code to include with the cards for new members and their purchases!



I can send out between 10-25 to a few people if interested. Those wanting to get a larger order I will see what I can work out with vistaprint and worst case I will provide a download link for the card data that you can put in to the creator when placing your orders.



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Okay sorry for the delay folks. I was sick :< I don't understand how kids can carry such horrible germs disguised in a cute little runny nose! GAH!


Completely understand, even with mine in college, he came home long enough to give me his cold and then off he went, back to school!

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Ordered mine just now......


100 Postcards actually.


They're a lot bigger than just the business cards (these measure like 4"x6").


I also upgraded to the 130lb glossy stock versus the standard 80lb.


I was really impressed with all of the additional products that VistaPrint offers in conjunction with these logos that Steph created.


All sorts of cool stuff like pens, shirts, mugs, hats, note pads, stamps, magnets, labels, etc.


Very, VERY cool :hail:


Thanks a bunch Steph for creating these! :thumb:


I'm looking forward to my order arriving, and as soon as I blaze through this initial order of 100, I'll be re-ordering more!

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