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I lower my Sho today with Eibach's rear shocks only..

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Cool :thumb:


I'm wondering how well the Eibach's being in the rear only, will "play nicely" with the stock springs up front :noidea:


For those who may be interested, please report back your experiences driving around with this current configuration.


Love the pic though. Very nice!


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This seems clever, but I'd be a little concerned about the balance of the suspension. I'm sure Ford tested their stuff with their stuff, and likewise Eibach. I'll bet they sell them in sets of 4 for a reason and I hope you don't discover that reason making an evasive maneuver some day. They might be fine together, but I'd explore carefully.


Good luck!

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I did the same spring change- Eibachs to rear only. Could not break the front strut bolts loose the day I did the swap and am planning on getting it done some day soon.

As far ride and handling, I have a nice circular freeway on ramp coming home from work each day and the car sits better though the turn. Normal ride through the city and on the freeway feels the same.

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If any of you guys are interested in getting rid of your Eibach fronts I'm interested. I put the H&R on mine and hate the rake. The Eibach fronts with the H&R rears in my opinion would be perfect.


I think I mentioned that somewhere, thats what id love to do. Eibach fronts with H&R rears.

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