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Well now that a few of us are running torque, I figured id ask this. Within torque you can supplement the things it can display from the ECU with PIDS.


From my understanding if the ecu isnt already monitoring something we want it to, we put a PID in and it will begin to montior the new value we want. For example our ECU doesn't display tranny temps for us when we use torque. If we plug in the PID to make the ecu aware that it can montior the tranny temp then we can display it.


Long and the short of it is, im trying to find a list of the ford PIDs. Do any of you know where to find them?


Rick do you know anything about these? You seem to be intimately close to the ECU.

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Search for "torque pids" and you will find a couple of threads even on this site. I may have figured knock and tranny or oil temp but its trial and error. They are not easy to get. You have to get a very expensive subscription and I believe it is a violation of the license agreement to share them so I doubt Livernois is willing/able to share them even if they did have it.


That said the right people "could" get them (they'd probably have to work at Ford) so it never hurts to ask!

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