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Livernois tune

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Awww yeah just got my tune files in. I can't wait for lunch break to load em and have a little fun!!! Thanks Rick for all the help and info.:RpS_biggrin::RpS_biggrin:



Just be careful with the power that is unleashed. First time I put my 4 + in and floored it i almost lost control cause of the power. Even though its all wheel drive and has traction control' date=' your going from a moderately quick sedan to a monster that will smoke a vet.[/quote']



You do not have to go back to stock between tunes. By all means go 4 and enjoy!



You guys and your 93 octane. Here in E10 land the best I can get is 91' date=' so will have to settle for State 3....now if it would just stop snowing every week I would get a tune ordered and installed!!!!![/quote']


I JUST LOVE NEWBIES(cry/tear) It's like GRAND PAPA SEENING HIS GRAND SON (9mo old) pick up the football and run with it the 1st time!!!! YOU JUST GOT TO LOVE IT.LOL Stock 13.7@97deg, with LMS stage 4+ 93oct @59deg 12.669sec OH YES I LOVE IT. Have fun!!!!

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Well Steve the girlie noises and shit eatin grin are still on my face. I swear I slept with a smile last nite. I have a k&n intake and could hear all the turbo joy before but I swear you hear them even better now. As for any gas mileage benefits I doubt I'll ever see those cause I can't stop getting on it every chance I get.

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