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SHO Sightings - Post when you see an SHO!


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Since we have fairly rare cars it is fun to post when you do see one! I have seen similar threads on other forums, and I havent stumbled on one here yet.


Sometimes you will come across members of the forum too!


Pics are always helpful if you can safely get one (Parked SHO for instance), and a good description of the color, possible year, and where it happened.


I thought of this because a few days back I saw one. The one on I-94 in MN getting on in Rogers and staying on 94 until heading south on 494 in Maple Grove. It was a 2013 and it was red. I do love the looks of the 2013's! Sorry, no pic, I was driving...


Lets see where this goes!

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Vinnievis' date=' I live in the area that you mention. On a couple of occasions, on my way home from work, I have "played" with someone with a tuxedo black SHO. His must not have a tune..... :RpS_smile: If I see him again, I might try to stop him and tell him about Livernois.[/quote']


I have seen 1 Black SHO heading W on 94 in the past 2 years once or twice.



Funny thing is since I ordered my 2013 SHO in February' date=' I've been seeing them all over the place where I live...teasing me. I get mine next week[/quote']


I have seen a decent amount of them around the Twin Cities NW quadrant. Most interesting one was about a month ago, I went to a movie and it was parked... In a handicapped spot, Handicapped tag hanging from the mirror... I figured that would be the used one to buy! I just pictured an elderly lady getting into it and babying it.

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Last month I pulled off I-90, at Rapid City, and came up to a stop light. Sitting next to me, in the left lane was my cars twin. The only one I have seen, and I have not seen it since. We just came back from Estes Park, CO. did almost a 1000 miles and not a single SHO.

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Ya' date=' it's like Little Germany over here, everyone is driving a Benz or a Beemer. If they start showing up as taxis ...[/quote']


When I was stationed in Germany, I got a ride in a 7-Series BMW Taxi...LOL


I live in "rural" Maryland (Cecil Co) and I've must have seen about 4-6 SHO's in the area. I've seen a silver '13 a few times (think they are military) and I've seen a Ruby Red '13 in Harve de Grace area two times in the same general area on Route 40. I saw another '13 Ruby Red SHO in the Elkton area with aftermarket rims on it in the evening.


Where I work in Aberdeen, there is a '10-12 black SHO across the parking lot from my job.


Not too bad for an area that isn't nearly as affluent or nor has the same population density as where I grew up/lived in New Jersey.

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